This Week's Missionary Letter

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Mission Board: Prayer Baptist Missions 
P.O. Box 160849 *Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Phone: 864-599-5132

December 7, 2022


Greetings in the wonderful name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. As we enter into this Christmas season, we do so with grateful hearts, for the Lord has been very gracious to us. God has kept us safe, has protected us from dangers and from the evil one. He has continued to give us good health and to bless His work. We are reminded that Jesus was born to die so that we through Him might live. This is the message for the season.

We have had some meetings for the youth and children which have proven to be very productive and we want to thank you for supporting these meetings. A lady whose children attend these meetings decided to visit us and see what we do, so she came together with her husband. After the service, I asked her if she would allow me to talk to her about Jesus and in return she requested us to visit their home. In the course of that week, Nancy and I did some shopping and visited their home. We talked and found out that she was not saved. She allowed us to share the gospel with her. She was very responsive and I had the privilege of leading her to the Lord. We praised God for that.

We also had wonderful moments with the youth and the children. For the children, we sometimes provide porridge when we can afford it. It is $20 per Sunday. Maybe some of you are aware that our country is going through a severe famine. In some parts, many livestock have died and people are given food from outside. We have children who come to church just for the porridge meaning there is nothing at their homes. Pray for us that God may intervene, as it’s a very bad situation. All in all, we thank God for the opportunity He continues to give us to reach people with the gospel and the doors for more ministry. We are very grateful to God for giving us people and churches to stand with us in order to reach and disciple others for the glory of God.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayer and financial support that keeps us sustained and moving forward. We love you and may God bless you all.

Sincerely in Christ's Service,
Bro. Samuel Kabiru





JEWISH MINISTRY: Hope of Israel Baptist Mission

Dr. K. Daniel & Rebecca Fried

(Due to security reasons, Dr. Fried has requested that no prayer letters be posted for this ministry.)

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