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WEEK OF February 2, 2020--Rev. Clayton Morris --VLMI-Romania
WEEK OF January 26, 2020--Rev. David Parks--Prayer Baptist Missions--Germany
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United Kingdom
WEEK OF December 29, 2019 --Rev. David Roth--Prison Ministries-Rock of Ages Ministries
WEEK OF December 22, 2019--Rev. Samuel Kabiru--Prayer Baptist Missions--Kenya

Mission Board: Prayer Baptist Missions
P.O. Box 160849 *Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Phone: 864-599-5132
December 9, 2019


I hope this letter finds you all safe and doing well in the Lord. My family and I are doing fine in the Lord, despite some normal challenges of life. I have had malaria in the past two weeks and this has kept me down but now I have recovered and I thank God for His hand upon us. We are experiencing heavy rains and floods that has caused heavy devastation and loss of lives. We have been affected along with the people we serve. Some roads have been rendered impassable, some people have found themselves in accidents, and one of our own was affected. Brother John, the Pastor of Pipeline Baptist Church was involved in an accident. Pray for them though they are now out of danger. This has also caused occasional colds, especially for the children but God is faithful.

Nancy and I are grateful to God for keeping us safe and for giving us His peace and joy which is our strength. Sometimes we find ourselves very down in health but we are strong in the Lord and we keep pressing on. Economically, life is getting really tough, we request that you continue praying for us. In our last letter, I mentioned that we needed to raise $1500 for the repair of our van which needs replacement of the engine together with the transmission. Since then we have been able to raise $500. We ask you to remember us in this area. if any would be led to help with whatever amount, we will appreciate it.

All in all the ministry is doing well and we thank God for giving us souls to reach and others to disciple. There is this man who I mentioned last time that he got saved. Well, his work allows him to be free only on Thursday night and so every Thursday at 8.00 pm I meet with him and his wife for lessons. They have been very faithful. We have 12 follow-up lessons and we are in our 9th. In this month of December, other than the usual soul-winning we do, we have planned a seminar for adult men with their wives. We are going to have two sessions jointly and then separate them where I will handle the men while Nancy will handle the ladies. Please keep us in prayers as we prepare for this.

We thank you and the church for your prayers and financial support. We thank God for you and we feel honored to have you standing with us and uplifting us to the Lord. Your prayers and support mean a lot to us. We wish you a blessed holiday season. We are praying for you and we love you all. God bless you.
Sincerely in Christ's Service,
Bro. Samuel Kabiru
P.O. Box 18492-20100
Nakuru Kenya * East Africa
WEEK OF December 15, 2019--Rev. Young Ho Lee--Macedonia World Baptist Missions
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Tract Printing Ministry
WEEK OF November 10, 2019---Dr. Daniel Fried--Hope of Israel Baptist Missions
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