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WEEK OF May 24, 2020--Rev.Rey Villarreal Jr.--Warrenton Baptist Mission--Mexico
WEEK OF May 17, 2020--Rev. Young Ho Lee--Macedonia World Baptist Missions
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WEEK OF May 3, 2020 --Rev. David Roth--Prison Ministries-Rock of Ages Ministries
WEEK OF April 19, 2020--Rev. Russell Pruitt--
Macedonia World Baptist Missions-Montana
WEEK OF April 12, 2020---Dr. Daniel Fried--Hope of Israel Baptist Missions
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WEEK OF April 5, 2020-Rev.Travis Snode--Vision Baptist Missions-
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WEEK OF March 29, 2020--Rev. Samuel Kabiru--Prayer Baptist Missions--Kenya



Mission Board: Prayer Baptist Missions
P.O. Box 160849 *Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Phone: 864-599-5132

February 16, 2020


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We pray that the Lord and His grace has continued to sustain you. We trust you are busy fulfilling the Master's mandate and are doing well.

This year started off well and we thank God for seeing us through this far. We thank God for the New Year and look forward to reaching more people with the gospel. We pray God will allow us to continue doing discipleship which I am passionate about. Someone has said that discipleship is something one does and not necessarily teaches. Nancy and I prefer one-on-one discipleship which to us is more effective and personal. It does take more time but to us it has a lasting impact and is well worth it. The pastors I work with tell me that it has helped them and I can see the results in their lives. All this to the praise and glory of our God.

Over the December holiday, we had a two-day conference for men and women. We had 40 men and 65 women. We had them combined for Day One and I spoke on the topic of discipleship: what is a disciple, Jesus' command to make disciples, the heart of a disciple-maker and how disciples need the church.

On Day 2 we divided the men and women in separate groups. I dealt with families and church and Nancy did the same with the ladies. Finally, we had some small groups which were led by other pastors. It was a great conference and we thank God for what happened. This looks like something we will be doing every three months and we are thankful to God that these people are now able to meet the cost of holding such a conference. 

Finally, we have been able to have our van fixed with a another engine and a transmission! We thank those of you who prayed and gave towards this need. May God bless you so much! Thank you for praying for us and supporting us. It's through your support that we are able to do what we are doing for His Kingdom. We thank you and love you all.

Sincerly in Christ's Service,
Bro. Samuel Kabiru
P.O. Box 18492-20100
Nakuru Kenya * East Africa



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