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8/28/2022: (Note: June, July and August letters below)

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JEWISH MINISTRY: Hope of Israel Baptist Mission

Dr. K. Daniel & Rebecca Fried

(Due to security reasons, Dr. Fried has requested that no prayer letters be posted for this ministry.)

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Mission Board: Prayer Baptist Missions 
P.O. Box 160849 *Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Phone: 864-599-5132


Calvary greetings from Kenya, Africa. It is another wonderful time that our loving Father has given us to write to you our friends and partners in ministry to let you know how we are doing and what God is doing in this part of the world. Our heavenly Father has kept us safe and has continued to give us good health. We rejoice for His many blessings and for the privilege we have to be in His service. We thank God for people like you who make it possible for us to do what the Lord has for us here which would otherwise be hard. Thank you for your giving, thank you for the sacrifices you make to keep us going.

Every time we get an opportunity to witness to people and they pay attention to the gospel, it gives us a lot of joy. A month ago Nancy and I visited a home of an elderly Christian lady who is not able to come to church because of health issues and she invited her youngest son who is alcoholic to come and greet us. The young man was very friendly to us. We asked him if he could come to church one Sunday. The Sunday that followed he showed up, and after the service was over I talked to him and he said that he liked the preaching and that it was helpful to him. I asked him if he would allow me to talk with him about salvation. He agreed and I explained to him the gospel and he was very responsive and within a very short time I led him to the Lord. I had to take him to his mother for him to testify to his mother in my presence that he had accepted Jesus Christ to be his Savior. We thank God for saving this young man! Pray for me that God will help me to walk with this young man so that he may grow in the Word and in his love for God.

 The school calendar was affected and disrupted by Covid-19. We have not been able to hold a VBS for some time. This time schools are breaking on June 29, and a week after that, we are going to have a VBS for 3 days in one of the churches in the rural areas. We will be using a school as the venue. This will be July,11,12,13. Times are hard and we would ask you to help us with some food commodities:

  1-Rice -------    $50 
  2-Beans -------$35---------whatever is available send to the mission’s office
  3-Corn four---$40
  4—cooking oil---$40
  5-sugar--$15                                        ( Total---$180)
Pray that souls will be saved and Christ will be honored. Thank you for your prayers and financial support in these uncertain times. God bless you.