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WEEK OF January 24, 2021--Rev. Clayton Morris --VLMI-Romania
WEEK OF January 17, 2021 --Rev. David Roth--Prison Ministries-Rock of Ages Ministries
WEEK OF January 10, 2021---Dr. Daniel Fried--Hope of Israel Baptist Missions
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WEEK OF January 3, 2021-Rev.Travis Snode--Vision Baptist Missions-
European Field Director
WEEK OF December 27, 2020--Rev. David Wade--Macedonia World Baptist Missions--
Tract Printing Ministry
WEEK OF December 20, 2020--Rev. Samuel Kabiru--Prayer Baptist Missions--Kenya

Mission Board: Prayer Baptist Missions 
P.O. Box 160849 *Boiling Springs, SC 29316

December 2020


We hope that this year end prayer letter finds you all safe and blessed. Our faithful God has allowed us to see the end of the year 2020 which has been quite challenging. We are thankful to God for His mercies. It is a great privilege to live for Jesus and to be telling others the Good News about the birth, death, burial and resurrection to give us eternal life. We are living in difficult and challenging times but it’s encouraging to know that our Lord has everything under control. Nancy and I continue to struggle with health issues but we are safe and content knowing that God cares for us and knows everything about us.

God has allowed us to keep reaching souls with the saving Gospel in the midst of the pandermic and sometimes He brings them to where we are. For the majority of the year, our ministry has been more one- on-one. Because Nancy and I are in the category whose immunity is compromised, we try to avoid crowds and find it better to concentrate on one-on-one meetings where we can be blessings. 

There is this one man called Evan who came to us to fix something electrical and I talked to him about salvation.  Surprisingly he said he is Catholic and has been thinking about it.  I explained it to him and right there he received Jesus Christ! I called Nancy and we prayed together. There are others who tell us to give them time to think, and because our responsibility is to tell them,  we then leave the rest to the Holy Spirit.

As a country we are experiencing a second wave of the covid-19 and it looks worse than the first. The government has put measures and guidelines on how to carry ourselves in the midst of this pandermic. We pray that God will keep us safe. So far God has spared us from the virus but we must do what we have to do. We will tell people about Jesus as long as we are breathing.

We have an urgent prayer request. We need four (4) tires for our van once again.  It has been a long while since we bought them. They cost $80 for each or a total of  $320. We would appreciate very much if you would help us out.

We thank God for the churches and friends who have remained faithful in their support and even sending special offerings occasionally. We thank God that we can count on you. Some of you have written wanting to know how we are doing and we thank God for your concern.  It makes us feel appreciated. We want to say thank you for your prayers and financial support that are helping us to reach precious souls for the Lord.  We wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sincerely in Christ's Service,
Bro. Samuel Kabiru
P.O. Box 18492-20100
Nakuru Kenya * East Africa

WEEK OF December 6, 2020--Rev. Rey Villarreal Jr.--Warrenton Baptist Mission--Mexico
WEEK OF October 4, 2020--Rev. Russell Pruitt--
Macedonia World Baptist Missions-Montana
WEEK OF September 27, 2020--Rev. Young Ho Lee--Macedonia World Baptist Missions
South Korea