This Week's Missionary Letter
WEEK OF November 24, 2019--Rev. David Wade--Macedonia World Baptist Missions--
Tract Printing Ministry
WEEK OF November 17, 2019--Rev. Young Ho Lee--Macedonia World Baptist Missions
South Korea
WEEK OF November 10, 2019---Dr. Daniel Fried--Hope of Israel Baptist Missions
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WEEK OF November 3, 2019--Rev. Clayton Morris --VLMI-Romania
WEEK OF October 27, 2019--Rev.Travis Snode--Vision Baptist Missions-
United Kingdom
WEEK OF October 20, 2019--Rev. David Parks--Prayer Baptist Missions--Germany
WEEK OF October 13, 2019--Rev. Samuel Kabiru--Prayer Baptist Missions--Kenya

Mission Board: Prayer Baptist Missions
P.O. Box 160849 *Boiling Springs, SC 29316
Phone: 864-599-5132
September 2019


God has been good to us as He has kept us safe and for that , we are very grateful. We give Him honor and glory having saved us from sin, eternal hell and for giving us eternal life. This gives us great joy and enough reason to love Him more and a fervent desire to serve Him. Since our last letter, God has continued to give us souls to reach, others to help them grow in God and to leave sin, love God and develop a desire to live for Him.

We had one interesting case of a middle aged man that received Jesus. Mr. Julius had been periodically visiting the church with his wife. This particular Sunday, the Lord put a burden on my heart to talk to him. After the worship service, I asked him if we could go for a cup of tea. He agreed and I took another brother with me. When we sat down to talk, he started saying how he doesn't do bad things. I presented the plan of salvation to him and he didn't resist so I took the opportunity and led to the Lord, and Julius accepted Jesus. It was a great moment of joy. We praised God for saving Julius. I gave him the Bible that I had carried and he went home rejoicing to tell his wife. The following Sunday he came to church and after the service he came forward to give his testimony. I am going to teach him our discipleship lessons one on one.

During the last week of August, Nancy and I , Brother John of Pipeline Baptist Church (one of our churches)and his wife, went to Uganda to visit missionary Kevin Noles. I had an opportunity to teach some discipleship lessons and Brother John taught the Pastor's role and Marriage. We had a great time of ministry and fellowship with Brother Kevin and his people in Uganda. We thanked God for His mercies on the road as we travelled and for His provisions.

Pray for us that God may continue to meet our needs especially since this time our support level is low and we want to trust God. In the coming two months, we want to raise $1500 for the repairs of our van. We need to replace the engine and the transmission. It has started giving us some mechanical problems and the mechanic has advised us to replace those two as the only option. We thank you all for praying for us and for being there for us. God bless you all!

Sincerely in Christ's Service,
Bro. Samuel Kabiru
P.O. Box 18492-20100
Nakuru Kenya * East Africa

WEEK OF October 6, 2019 --Rev. David Roth--Prison Ministries-Rock of Ages Ministries
WEEK OF September 22, 2019--Rev. Russell Pruitt--
Macedonia World Baptist Missions-Montana
WEEK OF September 1,  2019--Rev.Rey Villarreal Jr.--Warrenton Baptist Mission--Mexico