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Comments on article: 3 'Ministers' Say Premarital Sex, Hookups Are 'Not Sinful', Declare Purity Is an 'Outdated and Silly Expectation'
December 6, 2018, 2:00 PM

3 'Ministers' Say Premarital Sex, Hookups Are 'Not Sinful', Declare Purity Is an 'Outdated and Silly Expectation'

Comments written by Dr. David Coyle, DRE on the this article which can be found by clicking  article title in green above.


"The problem is that these three "ministers" are wrong, period. They haven't convinced God who set the standards for mankind for all of time. An eternal principle cannot ever be outdated, it is always current and always relevant. There have been false teachers since the beginning of the Christian church, these are just three more. Disagreeing with God by disbelieving His Word is not an intelligent stance to take, let alone proclaim it. Believing is bad enough, that puts them in line for the judgment of an eternal and righteous God, which is really not smart. They need to read the Word of God, believe its message and trust in Christ. Then, they will change their tunes and sing an entirely different song. No three ministers, or, the sum total of all ministers on earth, or,all in history have the right or freedom to contradict and undercut the veracity and the authority of the Word of God and not be dealt with severely. He is the God of mercy, of grace, of love, of peace, but, He is also the God of righteousness, of truth, of justice, of judgment, the Creator who justly set the rules and the limits of all things. The ministers mentioned here are false teachers, tickling itching ears of those who want to hear their sin is acceptable. There is a wonderful description of such in the book of Jude. He minces no words in his condemnation of those who would subvert the eternal Word of God and diminish the character of God who will not enter the kingdom of heaven, nor, will their words lead anyone else to that destination. They are disciples of the devil and their sweet sounding words lead only to an eternal, godless,merciless hell, the lake of fire."